Servicing & Repair

William Rice Watches has been servicing and repairing Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, Tudor and other premium watch brands for over 40 years. We combine years of experience with the latest tools and equipment to ensure that your watch is serviced to the highest possible standard before we return it to you.

To enquire about a service or repair please get in touch using the contact form below, detailing the make and model of your watch or by giving us a call on 01482 873425

Please also read the information below that answers common questions about our services.

How do I tell if my watch needs servicing?

Mechanical watches require servicing every 7-10 years to ensure they keep accurate time. Over time the high-tech oils and greases that protect the delicate moving parts inside the watch dry out. If your watch is not serviced then these parts are at risk of becoming worn out.

Do you quote for watch servicing over the phone?

We offer rough estimates over the phone or by email but these are a guide only – a physical inspection is always required to provide an accurate quotation.

It’s not possible to give a precise quote and timescale for a watch service without a visual inspection to assess the level of work required. But as a guide, a standard service usually takes 4 weeks. This can vary depending upon the availability of parts and other factors. Some repairs might take longer depending on the nature and extent of the damage.

What happens when I send my watch for a service and repair estimate?

When we receive your watch we immediately confirm delivery with you. We then take a close look at the watch casement and movement so that we can verify it is genuine and establish what work will be needed. It usually takes two days or less to provide you with an estimate for how much the service or repair will cost and how long it will take. If you accept the estimate then we’ll proceed with the repair. If not, then we’ll safely package your watch and return it to you.

What does a watch service include?

The first thing we do is strip your watch down, clean it, and inspect it for damage. We start by removing the movement from the case and putting the dial and hands safely to one side.
The movement is then pre-cleaned in an ultrasonic bath to remove contaminants and oils before being completely stripped down so that each part can be checked carefully for wear on the parts, breakage, and rust, the latter indicating that the watch movement has been exposed to moisture. The movement is then returned to the ultrasonic bath for another clean. 

The next stage involves carefully reassembling your watch. We substitute any damaged parts with genuine replacements and lubricate the movement with several high-tech oils and greases according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

With the watch movement now fully reassembled, we undertake a comprehensive set of timing tests with your watch in several different positions. These tests simulate the watch being worn on your wrist and are used to make final precise adjustments. We ensure that your watch provides the most accurate time-keeping possible, taking into account its model and age. All watches are tested as close as possible to the recommended timings set by the watch manufacturer

In the next stage, we inspect the stripped down case and bracelet before giving it an ultrasonic clean.
The refurbished and cleaned case and bracelet components are then rebuilt with new gaskets and seals. At this stage the case is pressure tested to make sure it is watertight prior to the movement being reintroduced. A final condensation test is done to ensure that the case is 100% waterproof. Your watch is then tested for a minimum of three days to ensure its accuracy. If it passes this final test then it will be packaged carefully and returned to you.

Do your services include a guarantee?

A 2-year guarantee is issued with all serviced watches so you can be sure that if a problem occurs it will be fixed free of charge. This guarantee is for workmanship only and does not include damage to the watch resulting from accidents or mishandling.

Can I post my watch?

Yes. But before you do so, please make sure to contact us first.

To ensure that your watch arrives with us safely, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Package your watch securely in a rigid cardboard box. The watch should be well protected in bubble wrap and should not move around in the box.
  • Use a reputable recorded delivery service, such as Royal Mail, and insure the package for its full value.
  • Include a piece of paper inside the package with your email, phone number and address.
  • Provide us with the tracking number by email or phone once you have posted your watch.

Can I deliver my watch directly?

Of course! But please contact us first to arrange an appointment.

Will my watch be insured while it’s in your possession?

Yes. Your watch is fully insured while we service it.